About Alexis

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Hi! My name is Alexis, I am an artisan and a student; creative, a perfectionist, knowledgable about tech and constantly curious about the news— both local and global.

I am 26 and I praise myself for always looking out for the best well-being of others. I have grown up my whole life surrounded with close family members in the Business, Dental/Medical, Education and Law Fields. I have not only learned but have experienced real life situations which have prepared and provided me with a great source of education and qualification.

I have a faulty subconscious rule in my head that says, “You have to put other people’s needs before your own or you are a selfish person.” I am trying to overcome this notion because I’ve realized it is not helping me succeed but rather halting my aspirations in life.

My 90 year-old grandfather who was a mill worker and high school principal for 35 years has been my greatest source of inspiration. He has taught me that we all have the same value. He often tells me “You are just as important as everyone else”.

About ShadyLady Jewelry

Founded in 2012, ShadyLady jewelry is a collection of women’s and men’s jewelry. History, fashion and nature against the backdrop of my Mediterranean heritage give me inspiration. The result is chic, timeless designs that exhibit a youthful, of-the-moment sensibility and transition easily from urban edge to resort ease.

ShadyLady jewelry is made completely by hand or by using only simple tools.

I create my one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces using hands-on techniques like pearl-knotting, leather macramé, drilling and wire wrapping; to showcase freshwater pearls, semi-precious and natural gemstones and Swarovski Crystals; just to name a few. I am committed to practicing ‘greensmanship’ and use responsibly sourced materials —locally, when possible.


ShadyLady jewelry showcased on display and included in swag bags at the 2014 Golden Globes, 2013 Cannes Film Festival, 2013 Primetime Emmys and 2013 Oscars and The Wendy Williams Show.

As Seen On…  Mircea Monroe, Bergundi Phoenix, Hofit Golan, Preeya Kalidas and Sophie Kirby—just to name a few.

This blog is random so check back often! 🙂 

xo alexismade


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