Shady Lady Ring

Shady Lady Ring

My loyal customer showing off her new Shady Lady ‘Leaf Stone Ring’ in Sterling Silver and 14K GF. Nothing makes me more happy than to see my customers happy!


Vintage Rose Bridal Shower by Alexis Made

Vintage Rose Bridal Shower

‘Alexis made’ DIY Vintage Rose Bridal Shower by Alexis Loschiavo

A DIY Vintage Rose bridal shower. Painted wood letters. Handmade rose bobby pins. Jazzed up utensil napkins. Upcycled Huberts lemonade bottles.


‘Alexis made’ Vintage Rose Bridal Shower by Alexis Loschiavo

ShadyLady as seen on celebrities at GBK’s 2013 Style Lounge in Cannes, France.

As seen on…

Celebrity Hofit Golan with Shady Lady
Actress Burgandi Phoenix with Shady Lady
(Cannes 2013 Film (Premiered) “Speed Dragon”)
Singer/Actress Preeya Kalidas with Shady Lady
UK “Sophie in Monaco” series star Sophie Kirby with Shady Lady

Shady Lady at GBK’s 2013 Style Lounge at Cannes International Film Festival